ABOUT Contacts1st.com

About Contacts1st.com

Contacts1st.com has been providing contact lens wearers with an affordable alternative to purchasing contact lenses from your doctor since 2002. With over 2 million lenses shipped and more than 100,000 happy customers -- we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our contact lens replacement service. Our reviews speak for themselves.

The lenses we sell arrive directly from the US manufacturer, in their original sealed boxes or vials -- the same as you would get from your eye care professional, except at up to 70% off. The lenses are the exact same as you received from your doctor's office, in their original packaging and are backed by the US manufacturer's warranty. How do we keep our prices so low? Simple. We deal in large quantity, and we rely on extensive automation and innovation for order processing and shipping, allowing us to keep our margins thin, but remain competitive. In fact, we believe we have the lowest price on your contact lenses -- and we back it with our 7 day price guarantee..

Orders are shipped with USPS or UPS and are guaranteed to be 100% accurate and free of defects or we will replace and reship at no charge. Ordering online is easy and secure using SSL technology. Orders can also be placed by phone, fax or email via the contact information in the box on the right hand side.

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